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I'm thinking I put more stuff on here but it's disappeared - didn't save it I guess...senior moment. Ended up spending 3 hours at work yesterday, then had to go to the courthouse, post office and head home. Forgot to get gas! Bob got work done on the RV, but then when we went to turn it around in the yard the steps caught in the gravel. Finally got that unstuck. Then when he went to put the jacks down to level it, they wouldn't work so spent another couple hours fixing the ground. Everything we do seems to cause more problems. My granddaughter Katie brought her baby Rain out to visit for a little bit. She's sure getting big (8 months) and will be walking all over the place by the time we get back. I had bought 2 heaters in town (to replace the ones that we couldn't find) and an electric mattress pad. We found our missing heaters under the bed in the RV! Put the mattress pad and bedding on, then when we tried the heater one side didn't work...so we had to take everything back off and cram it back into it's plastic bag so I can return it with the heaters to Walmart tomorrow! We did get quite a bit of stuff loaded today, and 3 loads of laundry, but it'll be a full day again tomorrow. Could only cram about half of the freezer stuff into our little one in the RV, but we were able to fit everything that's left into the refrigerator freezer so we can shut the other one off. Geez, I'm getting tired just typing about what we did and what we still need to do, but we should be able to get out of here by Friday. Chow for now.

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