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My screensaver to visually prompt Bob

Well, we're still going to be here tomorrow! I put this picture on my desktop so Bob can look at it and hopefully it will light a fire under him ... fat chance. We did get most of the stuff loaded today, and I made a trip to town to return some stuff and pick up some more. I swear we just move the same food back and forth each time we go somewhere and never get it eaten up. No one needs that many canned goods! When we get back in the spring I'm going to throw out everything (food, spices, etc.) that is still in our cabinets before we move back in! It's supposed to be down to 25 tonight, so Bob is sleeping in the RV to make sure the water doesn't freeze up, although we do have an electric heater down underneath by the water tank. He picked up some deer pepperoni sticks from the neighbor today, and they were really good. The good thing about still being here is that I get to watch my TV shows tonight - on Thursday nights I require BOTH televisions so I tape Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice on one while I watch The Office and The Apprentice on the other! Well, better go wake Bob up so he can go out to the RV and go back to sleep.

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