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Had a “crisis” yesterday when Bob realized he didn’t bring his money clip, which has his drivers license and VA health card in it – still in his pants pocket from when he showered before we left! We called Lin and she went out to the house to get it, and will mail it to us in Midland. She called immediately when she drove up into the yard, saying a huge tree had fallen in the driveway – I forgot to tell her that the neighbor was going to cut it down after we left! I was able to watch Desperate Housewives on the internet, and will do that with House today. There was a shelf in the refrigerator door that was apparently hitting another door, so it wasn’t closing properly. We removed it and works fine now, but will have to defrost the refrigerator sometime today (between my trips to the casino, as Bob says). They’re having a crab legs/shrimp/prime rib meal at the casino tonight; haven’t decided if we want to go or not because we’re trying to lose, not gain, weight. It’s supposed to still be windy tomorrow, but if we wait too long it’s going to turn into rain and we can’t drive in that because our windshield fogs up so bad. We’ll cut over towards St. Joseph’s when we get closer to KC and then take a secondary road straight south and spend the night somewhere near Emporia. Then catch I-35 again. I forgot to mail my mail before we left, so I’ll have to call my bill places and let them know the “check is NOT in the mail”. Well, Bob has breakfast ready so I’ll sign off for now.

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