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ritzy hotel outside of Creel

Creel's cemetery, still decorated from Day of the Dead on 11/2

cave home for a tarahumara family - Dee looks in "kitchen" and...

wares on display

they built shelves ofr baskets and whatnot

lots browse, few buy

cave and summer houses

bunk beds?

music coming from this building

a farm down the road

Valley of the Mushrooms

girls minding the store

cabins amongst the rocks

Valley of the Frogs

Tarahumara town on other side of rocks

another mission

Dee is adventurous!

men sit on benches, women on the floor

what a view from our rest stop and shopping opp!



Gondola was dedicated in September of this year! We are first tour...

There's one car - holds 60 people

we're going to that point!

Coming up to the point in the canyon

not an arch, just a hole

going out on a ledge without paying $75 like at the Grand...

on the edge again!

her baby is sleeping in that blue blanket!


Lupi took this group picture

We were told that's a Tarahumara graveyard!

We were intrigued by that fire

putting it into perspective

here comes the other gondola!

lots of trails and farms

one of the turrets of the castle

Cesar, Maria, Herm ready to greet us to lunch

just inside entrance is this place to wait for a table

huge mural tells story of the area

dj booth up there

interesting glass in side door

telling us where to go

view of the Mirador from the rim

Tarahumara homes near the hotel

another breathtaking view

hotel at the rim owned by Maria




carving of Tarahumara family on a door

other turret of castle seen on the way out

suspension bridge in the park at Divisadero

Jane poses for me on the bridge

it's really sturdy

one end of it

really colorful yucca type plant

Jane had me flying over the canyon

our singer for the evening

a little dancing

tried to do the macarena

then came the chicken dance

what fun

very enjoyable

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canyon views near the gondola - Divisadero again

We left Creel on a school bus to see Tarahumara villages and houses around the village of Creel. We visited a family that lives in a cave during the cold months because it is easier to heat the rocks than to heat a log cabin home that isn’t insulated. We visited a mission or church where the men sit on benches along the sides of the church while the women sit on the floor in the center. We saw the valley of the mushrooms and the valley of the frogs, so named because of the rock formation shapes.

After going back to the hotel in Creel for a potty break, we made our way to Divisadero. That is where the train stopped on the way up and we were allowed to get out for a bit. We stopped at a roadside (picture rocky dirt road) picnic area to see the edge of a canyon and there were Tarahumara there to sell us baskets and other handicrafts. They were everywhere we stopped! Sometimes I gave in and bought a basket and twice I bought musical instruments! Geez – I had to get rid of the collection I had when I owned a house, why am I starting to collect them again??

We had the privilege of going on a gondola ride from the rim to a point in the Copper Canyon to see where three canyons came together. Our guide was Lupi (real name Guadalupe) who was a young man but very knowledgeable in both English and the facts about the canyon compared to the Grand Canyon in the USA. It is impossible to capture the grandeur of this place in pictures or even in the video. After I took the video which was before the ride, the batteries in my camera suddenly died and my extra ones were in the bus, so I am showing pictures by my good new friends of being on the gondola and at the end point on top a mountain in the middle of the canyon! Thanks Dee and Jane and Mara!

After lunch at a castle, a few of us went uphill to the rim to see more great views. Then we went on to Divisadero. This time I walked up to the park and across the suspension bridge just because it was there. Jane went with me and took a great photo of me attempting to fly free over the canyon.

Once we got to the plush Hotel Mirador, a few of us walked the upper rim near sunset to look at the view again – it is just too stupendous for words. We enjoyed happy hour where they served beer or local liquor at 2 for 1 prices. Dinner was at 7 and was chicken again. Most of us donated most of our chicken to a “doggie bag” that will be fed to the hungry dogs in the area. There are plenty of them wherever we go!

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