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Top of the Hill RV Resort is one of the nicest I've...

Red Rose cabin - there is a yellow rose and a blueberry...

area in front of hte club house, which has an exercise room...

sites are long with enough room between them to put the awning...

western view of hill country and I-10

Liz, John, Harley and their Alpha See Ya - a nice motorhome

getting ready for hte turkeys

they are cooking!

true enough - they were done in two hours!

transferring turkey from stake to tray

beautiful birds ready for carving

food comes in and laid out

everyone enjoys the meal!

This campground has a tradition of having trash can turkeys for Thanksgiving! Campers sign up to bring other parts of the meal and a 4 PM, we all enjoy a feast! I brought whole and jellied cranberry sauce, such hard work! The firepit was lined with aluminum foil, stakes were put in the ground and covered with foil, a ball of foil topped the stakes. 21 pound turkeys were put on those stakes, covered with 20 gallon galvanized trash cans, and charcoal was placed around the base and tops of the cans. The turkeys were all done in 2 hours! To get the turkeys off, one guy put a pitchfork, covered with foil, under the turkey and pushed it up the stake. Another guy guided the turkey onto a waiting tray, and the third guy carried the tray into the pavilion to be carved up for us.

We had more turkey than you could imagine, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, creamed corn, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, salad, cranbery sauce, cheesy rice, rolls, and lots of desserts! Whew! I am still full while writing this at 10 PM!

John & Liz came just before noon to explore the area around San Antonio over the weekend. We had a great visit, exchanging stories of what we had been doing this past year. Liz will be working at the hospital near Fort Hood for at least a year, so they will not be going to Miami this year. I am blessed and lucky to have the chance to see them now. Harley is still a great little dog - very well behaved and fun to play with.

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