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Buckhorn Saloon is very full of horns!

Luling, TX at sunrise is very cold today!

Poor Edna is getting too old for this memory!

HA! Anyone want to take a dip?

I had a leisure morning, since check out time wasn't until noon, I only had 100 miles to drive, and planned on going to San Antonio in the late afternoon. When I was ready to leave the park, I went over and walked then played with Harley, John & Liz's shitzu who is a lot of fun!

I traveled to a park 50 miles east of San Antonio instead of a Wal-mart for a couple of reasons. the parking lot would probably be quite crowded and the temperature is supposed to go below freezing tonight. So, I would like the electricity to be able to use electric heaters to keep the home warm tonight! As soon as I got there, the ground was level, so all I did was plug in, unhook, and head back to San Antone!

While inching my way in the downtown area, John & Liz saw me and directed me to the parking lot where they parked! How convenient! Our plan was to go down to the Riverwalk, have some supper at whatever establishment caught our eye and attention, then watch the lights come on and the boat parade that ushers in the Christmas season. However, restaurants were closing up to the public until after 9 PM! That is because they had guests who prepaid for a seat to watch the parade and have dinner! One restaurant even had Mexican blankets on each chair so their customers would stay warm - and eat and drink more there! So, we peons had to settle for eating somewhere away from the Riverwalk. We ate at the Buckhorn Saloon which is where John & Liz ate lunch and went through the museum in the building. John sent me the picture he took at lunch and that is what is posted here. They didn't mind, and we all enjoyed our chicken fried chicken!

We found a spot that overlooked the Riverwalk near to where we parked, so we stood there from 5:30 until after 8 waiting for the boat parade that was supposed to have started at 7! Good thing it wasn't windy or very cold! We had a great visit on the street, with people watching thrown in! We saw about 10 boats go by in 20 minutes, then it took at least that long to get out of the city and onto the highway!

I got back before 10 PM and it was in the 40s already, so I hooked up while the heater was warming up the cabin. I'm glad I did because when I woke up on Saturday morning and looked outside, the grass was white with frost! It was under 30 degrees at 7:30 AM!

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