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12/15/10 I had called hospital at 10 pm last night, and was told no surgery for today (Wednesday)...not sure why. Surgery now scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:30 p.m. Didn’t see doctor today. Bob’s sister and brother-in-law (Judie and Fran Beller) arrived from Tennessee right after lunch. Spent a little time at the hospital, then went to the RV to leave my car and we all drove back to the hospital together. Asked the nurse about whether Bob’s ring should be cut off, but he was able to get it off his poor swollen finger. He’s gained about 30-40 # since last week (fluid retention) but that is supposedly normal in his situation. All his vitals are still good and his lungs are clear. Just wish they were going to operate a little earlier, but just so it happens. Being in limbo like this is no good for either of us. We went to Mr. Gatti’s for supper and stuffed ourselves, then back to the RV. Fran is going to bed first tonight so Weebles will follow him I’m sure! He hates to stay up late. Will keep everyone posted.

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