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Thursday 12/16/10 Well, it was quite a day. We called up to the hospital about 8 and they said he was the same – temp was 98 point something. When we got up there it was a little higher but they still planned on surgery for 4:30. He was really swollen so the nurse weighed him, and he’s gained about 35-40 # since he went into the hospital. They assured us this was normal due to all the fluids they were pumping into him and that his kidneys were doing good. About 11 we went out and did a little shopping, and then went to a Chinese buffet near the hospital. They called right after we got our first plates to say surgery had been moved up and they were going to be prepping him for surgery soon. We finished our lunch and hightailed it back. (That’s when I started getting nervous and hoped I wouldn’t lose my lunch!). We got there in time to see him before they took him to surgery. They said it would be a couple hours (this was at 1:50). Judie, Fran and I went to the surgical waiting room. Ben showed up about 4:00 and we didn’t hear anything until after 4:30, when they called up to say they were just “closing him up”. This made us a little nervous as we didn’t think they were going to “open him up”. The doctor finally came out about 5 and he said everything went “perfect” (his exact words). He felt confident that he wouldn’t have any issues but was going to leave him on the ventilator and sedation until tomorrow. He said he was a very lucky man this time, and had to lose weight big time. He said they had to make a bigger incision in his leg that they had planned to get at the right angle, and he took more time to check above his heart to make sure that was also clear. We talked to the nurse later, who said that apparently he had a blood clot in his right foot but they watched it carefully and it’s okay (they would have done some type of procedure on it if not). We left then and came back to the RV to relax – what a day! Judie and Fran had a drink – Weebles and I had an orange !!! Thanks to everyone for their prayers. THEY WORKED !!!

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