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Saturday 12/18 – Today is my sweet daughter Lin’s birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR

Got very cold last night and the furnace (set at 60) came on several times. Woke up this morning to Weebles whining in the living room so I got up and let him out. Noticed later that it wasn’t in time as there was a large spot on the carpet. First time he’s done that (after not doing it all the times he’s been left alone). I sprayed with carpet cleaner and will work on it later. I feel like I’m coming down with a cold (all the in/out of hot/cold I think), so I’m taking a stronger shot of Vitamin C powder today. 4:30 pm Just got back from the hospital. They still haven’t been able to get Bob off the ventilator as he keeps getting agitated, which increases his blood pressure. I think they need the correct balance of his oxygen and blood pressure before they try. They said they would wait to see if things balance out during the night shift so hopefully it will be out when I get there this morning (which was what I thought this morning). Getting a little down but I’m sure everything will turn out good. His room was extremely cold (62) when I got there as he had been sweating and temp had gone up a little. It was normal by the time I left. But meanwhile I had to drive up the street to Wendy’s and get something to eat and just sit in the car for awhile in the sun to warm up! Well, here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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