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Friday 12/17 – Went up to the hospital, but things were about the same. They had brought him out of sedation long enough to determine that he had feeling in hands and legs. They said he was running a slight temperature, and his oxygen wasn’t to a low enough level yet to take the ventilator off so they were just going to keep him sedated and try to take it out first thing Saturday morning. They said he may have a blood clot in his left arm and they were watching it carefully but didn’t think it would be a problem. Judie and Fran decided to take off for Mission so we went back to the RV and they loaded up and left around noon. I decided since he wasn’t going to be conscious until tomorrow that Weebles and I would take a break and just veg with each other the rest of the day. So I’m just spending the afternoon relaxing and regrouping; then getting a good night’s sleep and starting fresh again tomorrow.

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