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Sunday Dec. 26 - Went to the hospital about 9:30 this morning. Bob pretty much slept the day away. They had tried giving him water again but he just choked on it. They had given him medicine for his blood pressure before I got there, and eventually it came down to 145/68. They had an extra lunch tray, so they gave it to me to eat. Hospital food is not the best! Took a bite of what I thought was baked beans, but they sure were the HOTTEST beans I’ve ever eaten! Dixie and Biscuit stopped up a little later and brought a cooler packed with all kinds of goodies (sandwich, cheetos, snack mix, pop/water and candy bars). They are so great to us. Dixie got Bob laughing a little before they left. They gave him a "dry" bath today, part of which was putting a big showercap type cover on his head (remember the old plastic things we put over the top of our hair curlers as part of a hair dryer?) Ben had texted me in the morning that he had a kidney stone, and then I didn’t hear anything from him. As I was leaving the hospital about 4:30 I looked over at the other entrance and saw Melissa and the kids going in. Went over there and found out that Ben’s son Buddy had taken him to the hospital earlier in the day and he was still there (but they were at the other hospital). Melissa was bringing them their cell phones. We both drove to the other hospital (where Bob had been previously) and I watched the kids in the waiting room while she went in to see him. Sounds like he will be getting back out in awhile, and then Buddy has to drive back to Phoenix yet tonight. I told Melissa I’d pack a few things and come up tomorrow morning to stay for awhile in case she needed help with the kids if Ben needs further treatment. Would like to stay here in the RV tonight because it’s going to get down about 25, and I want to make sure pipes don’t freeze. Supposed to be warmer the rest of the week. Had Dixie’s sandwich for supper and some of her snacks – mmmm, good. Well, off to bed. As usual, I’m sure Bob will be better tomorrow….

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