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Well, I finally made the decision to retire poor old Edna. She carried me well around this country, putting up with the challenges I gave her of rocky logging roads, a raised median in Utah, and even a brook crossing in upper Michigan! Her CV joints were bad and she creaked when I turned the steering wheel. The timing belt needed to be replaced, the water pump was worn out, a windshield wiper just upped and died, and she couldn't change from cold to hot air without a nudge under the hood. She died at 13.5 years and over 178,000 miles. May she rest in peace.

My new ride is a 2008 Honda Fit Sport with 35,000 miles that is burnt orange metallic in color. Because she's orange but small, she is named Clementine. Mom saw the pictures and says it's a pumpkin color, so she is also my little pumpkin! I like that.

I should be able to use my kayak rack on the roof of this car and maybe my bike rack on the hatchback. We shall see. Soon, a new towplate will be installed and she will be ready to follow Miss Daisy.

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