Ginny's Adventures 2010 travel blog

Laurie's family photo

river otter

roseate spoonbill flaps its wings

spoonbills, scarlet ibis, and sacred ibis all live together - related

juvenile scarlet ibis - head isn't in full color yet

eagles in captivity

wow - their nests are big!

pink flamingos and black swans


keeping warm - swimming with one webbed foot in circles of course



green heron

Capybara is called a water pig, but is the world's largest rodent!

in Mayan section of Zoo

oh no! Laurie got caught!

Oh no! the big ball is catching up!

tapir, right?

anteaters are big and hairy!


monkeys and iguanas together!

mama and baby huddle to keep warm

chinese muntjac are small deer who were here millions of years ago!




black-naped oriole

masked lapwing

silver-eared mesia

love that oriole!

check out all the birds and ducks!


red monkeys above the swans and ducks!


wallaby family


Christmas Eve was in Miami, Christmas was in Hollywood, so the day after Christmas was in Palm Beach, near where Connie & Dann and Gette & Rosemary live. Most of us had not been to the Palm Beach Zoo, so that is where we went. Gette and Rosemary went with Rosemary's sister and brother-in-law, visiting from Maryland, to the Miami Dolphin's football game instead.

The zoo was interesting and compact! There were some different animals here, but the birds and ducks were quite interesting to me. We spent a few hours at least going through it and enjoying ourselves. Ashley was a very good little girl even when she got tired because of having no nap.

I drove due West to get back home and found that it took the same amount of time from there as if I drove from Miami! They still grow lots of sugar cane south and west of Lake Okeechobee.

The pictures show you what we saw and did.

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