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needs further treatment. Would like to stay here in the RV tonight because it’s going to get down about 25, and I want to make sure pipes don’t freeze. Supposed to be warmer the rest of the week. Had Dixie’s sandwich for supper and some of her snacks – mmmm, good. Well, off to bed. As usual, I’m sure Bob will be better tomorrow….

Tuesday, Dec. 28 – They were sitting him up in a chair when I got there. They have a lay-down chair that they slide him onto from the hospital bed, and then the back of that chair moves up so he is in a sitting position. He sat in the chair for 2 hours. Ben called for a ride to the hospital since they moved his surgery up to this morning. I dropped him off and went back to the hospital for a couple hours. Then went back to the house so I could watch the kids while Melissa went to pick him up. He didn’t end up getting out and home until about 6:30 p.m. so I missed the meeting with the doctor. I had left word for him to call me after the team meeting but he didn’t. I went back up to the hospital about 6:45 but only stayed for a half hour as Bob was getting “belligerent” with me. Was kind of scary driving in the dark because it’s a very busy area, even though it’s only about 1.5 miles from here.

Wednesday, Dec. 29 – Went up to the hospital about 9:45 and they were getting him up again. They said he had stood up about a minute holding onto a walker. They then transferred him from the bed onto the chair again for almost 3 hours. After about 2 hours he was getting pretty ancy to get back to bed, but couldn’t until the crew came in about 45-50 minutes later to put him back into the bed. He had a rash all over his back that I asked about. Apparently he must have reacted to something – they gave him Benedryl and it was clearing up. He was talking a blue streak to everyone who came in; he tells them about past events with some rambling in between that doesn’t make sense. Very confused if you ask him where he’s at; he doesn’t quite understand that he’s had surgery and is in the hospital. Later today he pulled on an overhead bar to help get his back up to put pillows underneath, and he’s just at the point of getting his hands up close enough to pull his oxygen out of his nose! Got a little testy with me late afternoon because I wouldn’t help him get out of there so I thought it was best I leave! I did take a break during the day and drove up to Walmart for a much-needed haircut. Weebles is always sooooo happy when I get back to Ben’s. Sounds like he tolerates the kids when I’m not there, but is very protective when I am there and growls at them if they try to get near me. Will have to call the Dog Whisperer I guess.

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