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Sunday 1/2/11 Bob was kind of emotional today, thinking about his daughter Bobbi. Tried to call her but just got voice mail so we called Danny and he talked to him for a few minutes. He was sitting up in the chair when I got there. Blood pressure is good and he doesn’t have the nose oxygen in anymore. He’s able to get his arms up to his forehead – yeah! After the put him back in bed he was pretty wiped out and went to sleep. I went back to RV to turn off the furnace and pick up a few things. I brought his favorite book (also has DVD) about Richard Proeneke building a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness and living there for over 30 years. I read a half chapter to him, and will try to read a little bit every day. He isn’t interested in my bringing his computer up, but hopefully later in the week he will. Dixie and Biscuit came up for a little bit; he was sleeping when they came so was a little groggy from being woke up. Fed him supper and came back to Ben’s. I brought his phone charger back so will get that charged up and give Dave a call back tomorrow. Weebles and I are headed to bed.

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