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Bob wasn't as easy to understand this morning, but was rattling a blue streak this afternoon. He went from telling the nurse Justin to get me out of there (in the morning) to telling me what a wonderful wife I am in the afternoon! Went to Chinese at noon with Ben, and he came up later in the afternoon to talk to the doctor with me. The doctor finally came around about 6 and we did get to ask him a few questions, but he isn't very forthcoming. He said he'd order another CT for Bob and some more physical therapy, along with trying a different medication for his memory problem. He said this wasn't unusual but we couldn't get him to give any prognosis or diagnosis. I'm having the case manager check into whether I can get him transferred to Iowa City VA Hospital at some point. I'm getting pretty frustrated and frazzled and just want to be at home. Pretty emotional day for both of us, but tomorrow will be better!

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