UK and Sri Lanka 2011 travel blog

I'll miss Ivan and my three "puppies"

I'll miss our daily walks on the beach

But it will all still be here when I get back!

Two more days! Will I ever be ready? I haven't even started to think about what to pack yet. There are all kinds of things to set up so that the business will run smoothly without me, but those are mostly done now.

A friend and I are buying a new apartment as a rental unit and for many months nothing has happened. The lawyers have been trying to locate missing pieces of paper from previous sales, but now that it's least convenient, things are drawing to a close. Funds had to be placed where they could be accessed in my absence, Power of attorney had to be signed so that the sale could be completed without me, meetings had to be held with the person we selected to do the renovations and so on and so on and so on.

The dogs are bathed - Ivan has enough extra work to do while I'm away! and just to cap it all, my housekeeper, Lita, is visiting her family in The Philippines, so I have to find time to iron a pile of clothes before I pack tomorrow. I'm already anticipating the sense of relief when I lean back in that plane seat on Sunday.

So as always, I know you will indulge me and let me show off my pictures of the boys next week, but probably you are more interested in my exciting trip to Sri Lanka. That starts on Saturday January 15th. I will fly via Bahrain, to Colombo, where I meet up with the rest of the group for the sixteen day trip.

We will watch dolphins, which I understand is very different to the dolphin experience here on Grand Bahama. There will be safaris, nature walks, temple visits, lake fishing with local fishermen, visits to ancient ruins, climbing (not my favourite pastime!) to an imposing summit fortress, historic villages, beautiful beaches and much more - if the printed itinerary is anything to go by. We'll see! Now I need to spend some time reading the trip notes, otherwise I won't even know what I need to pack when I get around to that tomorrow!

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