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Wednesday 1/19/10 Long day, but calm. Went to hospital at 9 and Bob had spent the night trying to get out of bed, so he slept pretty much until the took us for more tests at the other hospital. Supposed to go at noon, but ambulance didn’t come until 1 and they had put someone ahead of him then so it was after 2 before they took him into nuclear med testing area. By then his calming med had worn off so they had to wait to get dr. order for another pill and wait until that took affect! We were there from 1 until almost 5:30 and the place that had me waiting was like a refrigerator… So when we got back to the hospital, he was drowsy again from the med they gave him so I went back to Ben’s about 6. He has been refusing to eat the last couple days, but I did get him to eat some chocolate ice cream and drink a little milk. I had taken an Arby’s roast beef to him earlier but he took one bite and said it didn’t taste good. I actually got to see a real live doctor this morning!!! But it was the doctor who was consulting and ordering the 3-stage nuclear test to see if Bob’s fluctuating temperatures have to do with his graft. Got more out of him in 3 minutes than all times talking to his regular doctor… I sure hope all these doctors and testing places will accept $10/month payments for the rest of my life! Lin and Jim got on the road late today and only made it to near Kansas City when they had to pull over because it was snowing 1”/hour and they couldn’t see the road anymore. They’re in a motel having a drink for me! Such a wonderful daughter…

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