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Thursday 1/20/10 Setback Bob was pretty lethargic this morning. Still wasn’t eating. Finally got him to drink some chocolate milk. Ben stopped up for a few minutes, and Case Manager said she had some news for me about Mercy Hospital but was on her way to lunch. I ran out and got Bob a chocolate shake at Arby’s but he didn’t drink much of it. About 1 or so the nurse took his blood pressure and it was low, so she didn’t give him his blood pressure med. She checked it again about 3 and it was still very low so they tried a couple different machines. All of them registered really low. They were getting a very rapid pulse also. Started putting machines on him and giving him IV’s as he was very dehydrated and they were afraid he was going to get septic? I had to sign a consent for a pik line to be put in (IV port that goes through his upper arm and into his chest). The nurse had to wear a sterile gown, put sterile cloth over him, etc. Then they had to do an x-ray to make sure it was in correctly, which was the only thing Bob objected to. They put him back on oxygen. Because his bp was so low his veins were closing up and they had a hard time getting blood to do an oxygen saturation level. Finally one of the nurses got some about 8:30 tonight and they were going to test it. If it’s too low they will need to put him back on the ventilator. He’s ready to call it quits and just wants it over with. His pulse is way up (around 140-150 and it should be about 80). One of the nurses had mentioned his having a serious infection and that may have caused this. Anyway, the case mgr showed up when everything was going on and I didn’t get to talk to her; she’s off tomorrow so I won’t know what she found out until Monday, but I guess he isn’t going anywhere anyway. Had really hoped to get him back home this weekend. Glad Lin will be here tomorrow, but wish he wasn’t hooked up to all the contraptions again so she could have a good visit with him.

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