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Friday 1/21/10 Did a load of laundry early and headed up to the hospital by 9. Bob was pretty quiet and groggy this morning, but was joking with the staff. His pulse rate was still up, but blood pressure and oxygen were good. They’ve got all kinds of IV’s going into him again. He didn’t eat lunch but promised the nurse he would eat supper. Just had some chocolate ice cream (with pills mixed in I think). His daughter Bobbie called but I couldn't get him awake to talk to her. I told him Lin and Jim were coming late afternoon so about 3:30 he started asking about when they were getting there. He wanted me to sit on the edge of the bed and hold his hand most of the afternoon. I was going to run to Ben’s to eat about 5 but he insisted I stay and eat with him. He did eat a few bites of meat and some soup, and then wanted to “test” his levels by eating chocolate to see what they would do. So I had to get him some M & M’s ! Lin and Jim finally got there around 7 and he had a very good visit with them. Wasn’t making a lot of sense most of the time but was enjoying himself. He did get mad at me a few times because I wasn’t doing what he wanted fast enough (mainly because I couldn’t figure out what he wanted me to do!). He dozed off about 9 and we snuck out the door. He will definitely remember that and I’ll be in trouble when I get up there tomorrow morning for not telling him I was leaving. Came back to Ben’s and had something to eat as I had only had a few bites off his plate and some crackers all day. Feel better that Lin is here now, but as usual in Texas nothing gets accomplished on the weekend!

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