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Sunday 1/23/10 Went and picked Lin up at the motel this morning, stopped at Walmart and then went to the hospital for a little bit. Lin tried to get some information from the nurse, asked to see his chart, but the doctor would have to okay that ?? The nurse said he was getting heart medication due to a “fluttering” heart, and that he has acute renal failure (which has an 80-85% reversal rate by changing the type of drugs they are giving him). He certainly didn’t have those things when he went in to the hospital, and his mental status was fine. The nurse said he was probably having mental deterioration prior to surgery – which he definitely was not. Lin left a list of questions for the doctor to respond to (like that’s going to happen…). We told him we were “going gambling” so he wouldn’t get upset that we left. Went back to the motel and got Jim, then down to the RV to start loading stuff in his truck. His ball bearing is starting to go out (sounded terrible) so he’ll have to get that fixed before going home. The hitch from the RV will work on his truck to pull my car; we’ll just need to get an adapter for the electricity. Went back to the motel and took a short nap, then back to the hospital. Aide said he had a shower, but that he was a little depressed. He was sleeping when I went in, but woke up after a bit. Was in and out of reality and said “guess we’ve hit a bump in the road”. Remarks like that make me think he’s with it, but then the next second he says something totally off the wall and you’re never sure. He was depressed and I couldn’t really get him cheered up. I think he knows something is wrong and that he shouldn’t still be in the hospital, but then loses the thought again. I told him Lin, Jim and I were going to Ben’s for supper and he asked of Dixie/Biscuit were going also. It’s so freaky on what he will remember and what he doesn’t. His son Tom called right before I was going to leave and they had a brief conversation. From what Tom was hearing on his end I’m sure it sounded like dad was doing okay, but from my end he was just making very brief replies and I’m not even sure he knew who he was talking to. Very sad. As Lin says, it’s not something you can actually grasp until you actually see him. Came to Ben’s for Iowa ribeyes that we had brought down, and had a fun evening; I was even laughing part of the time! Tomorrow will hopefully bring some answers on what we are going to do with him

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