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Wednesday 1/26/11 Ran to Walmart this morning to buy a CD player, suitcases and slippers. Then up to the hospital. Bob was pretty depressed this morning but was still cognizant (thank God and all you people who’ve been praying for him). The case manager didn’t want to have to explain things to us (me, Lin, and Jolene) separately to we arranged to have a conference call with Jolene later in the day. Jolene is Bob’s daughter-in-law from Washington and is I think a pharmacy tech or something like that. She was concerned about what drugs he is on as well as what the plan was for getting him back to Iowa. She is very good at bugging people! They moved him into a bigger, single room across the hall mid-morning as his room was going to be occupied by someone else. Lin and Jim came up, but Bob was pretty quiet. I gave him his cell phone and he called and talked to his nephew Steve, who is also in the hospital down in Mission, Tx. The case manager said that someone from Health South would be over to assess Bob in the afternoon. We went out and had some lunch and came back. The speech therapist Katie came in and talked to Bob (and of course that’s when the other gal showed up). The other gal finally talked to Bob and said she would make arrangements for him to go over to the rehab center. We got some clothes together and he got dressed and waited for about an hour before they finally showed up and transported him over there. Nurse completed a questionnaire and they did vitals on him. He won’t see the physical therapist until morning since it was so late when he got there. He’s excited that they have an indoor pool, so now I’m going to have to figure out where I put his swimming trunks. Lin and Jim came over about 6, and they finally brought him a tray of food . Lin found him a table and a drink, and I had him bundled up in his sweatshirt as he was pretty chilled. Hadn’t been outside since 12/7 and all he had on was shorts/teeshirt and slippers. They misplaced his bag of belongings but we finally found them. We got him into bed and covered up, then left to eat supper (letting the aide know he was cold). At least I’m only a few blocks from Ben’s at this place. I could have the RV set up here but hopefully will only be here until early next week.

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