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Sunday 1/30/11 Went to the hospital. Bob was disappointed because he got himself into his wheelchair and went down for breakfast, and was told he had to stay in his room due to his infection. Put him in a very depressed mood for his wifey to come visit! An aide came in to give him a shower, and then later Dixie/Biscuit stopped up for about 10 minutes to visit with him. I had told him Ben was going to get a wheelchair van to take him down to see the RV at 2:30, but then Melissa had an allergic reaction so it was an hour later before he got there. We took him down to the workshop and got him out so he could lean into the RV and see inside that everything was still okay. It reassured him that it would be okay until we can come back and get it (inside a fenced locked area). Drove back to Ben’s and he visited with his family for about 15 minutes and then we took him back to the rehab center. He ate a little bit of supper and then was going to sleep. Just read on Facebook that there is a terrific storm coming into Iowa just when we thought we were going to be able to fly home. Can nothing go right? Don’t know how that will affect our plans, but can’t very well try to drive from Quad Cities to Dubuque in a blizzard so we may have to postpone a day or two and hope that doesn’t screw up the transfer. Bob will be so disappointed and I guess I’ll have to take the brunt of that. Not much else I can do. Pray and cry, pray and cry….I’m so down.

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