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Saturday 2/5/11 3 more days to go. Bob only had physical therapy today (twice), no OT or speech. I think they are giving him PT again tomorrow also because they are trying to get him in condition to climb into a vehicle to get to the airport. The eeg, or whatever, didn’t show anything but the nurse commented that because his heart rate has been so low he might want to talk to his doctor about a pacemaker !!! But 90% of the time when they take his blood pressure its when he’s laying down and has just woken up… Lin and Jim went out to the house today and turned on the water and turned the furnace up. They’ll go out tomorrow and check it again to make sure everything is okay. The driveway hasn’t been plowed yet so she’ll get ahold of the neighbor to make sure he gets it done before Wednesday. She said it took 3 tries with their 4-wheel truck to get up there. Watched the NCIS marathon today while Bob dozed off and on. The PT guy said once he gets over this infection he’ll have more pep and energy (geez, I hope so). He didn’t eat much lunch or dinner. Says it just doesn’t taste good, that his taste buds have changed. I think it’s pretty good! Came back to Ben’s at 6 and watched the kids so they could go out to eat. Said they had a hard time finding anywhere to eat as every place was packed (I’m sure because all these warm-weather Texans have been cooped up for 4 days with 2” of snow and record low temps in the single digits!)

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