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Monday 2/7/11 Brrr-ice on the windshield today. But then later got up around 60 (I think). Just know it was warm and sunny coming in the window in the afternoon. I got an email from Lenae about a couple guys meeting us at the airport tomorrow to help with Bob. I called her to remind her that we weren’t arriving until Wednesday !!! Then Bob was thinking today was the last day and we were leaving tomorrow morning, so I had to burst his bubble. Not a good start to the day. He was just starting his physical therapy when Ben picked me up to go to the Rv and clean out the refrigerator and so I could get some keys and a few other things I forgot to send home with Lin. Wish we could take more (like all the tools I forgot, etc.) but will just have to live with what we end up with at home. This afternoon he did quite a bit of walking during his 15-minute PT time, and the OT gal came in and helped him shave. Therapy really poops him out, but we managed to play several games of cribbage. I had brought some coconut oil in from the RV that he rubbed on his hands and legs as they were getting really dried out. We sure are looking forward to Wednesday; hope all goes well. We’ll need to get to the airport about 6:30 in the morning and wait for 2 hours for the flight; that should be fun, but at least he’ll be out of that blasted hospital room. Being confined in a room for all this time has really been hard on him. Looking forward to seeing our little Weebles, and he just wants to stand at the front window and look out when we get home. He talked to Bobbie and Danny today so that got him in a better mood.

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