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On the way to the train, we stopped to photograph the stilt...

The 2nd class train carriages looked the same as the 3rd class...

A tired monk! My fellow passenger seated opposite me in the 2nd...

It was hard to get this snap from the moving train, but...

We had a little time to wander the streets around the station...



The grounds at the back of the hotel were lovely

The sunset for our last night in Sri Lanka was spectacular.







Saturday, January 29th – Weligama - Negombo

We checked out of the hotel after breakfast and drove to Galle, the historic town we visited two days ago. On the way, we stopped at one point on the coast where the stilt fishermen, such as we see in the travel brochures, can be seen.

From Galle, we took the train to Colombo, a journey of about ninety minutes. This time we were in 2nd class, which meant that, although the basic carriage was much the same, the seats were padded, unlike the ones in 3rd class a few days ago. There was still no glass in most of the windows, but that did allow for some picture taking along the way.

We saw homes, large and small, settlements, farms and villages, workshops and factories and since it was Saturday, children playing in the fields and young men engaged in games of football and cricket. In fact, a few of the small workshops along the side of the tracks were making cricket bats. I thought it was pretty cool to see that in Sri Lanka!

The bus met us in Colombo for the last leg of the journey to Negombo, from where we started our adventure two weeks ago. It was mid-afternoon when we checked in to the hotel, which left quite a bit of time to wander up and down the main street of Negombo to check out the gift shops - the first opportunity to do any shopping in two weeks!

The hotel had an attractive garden and pool area at the back, opening onto a nice sandy beach. We were enjoying a cool "Lion" beer, from the pool bar, as the sun started to go down. The sunset, for our last night in Sri Lanka, was spectacular. The vivid red of the sky was reflected on the water, while the interestingly shaped local boats, pulled up on the shore, made wonderfully intriguing silhouettes. What a note to go out on! All that remained was to enjoy the “last supper” which we did at a local seafood restaurant a little way down the street.

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