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2/14/11 Happy Valentines Day Lin came out and we got Bob into her car for the trip to the VA in Dubuque. They said to be there at 10:15, and we got out of there after 1:30 p.m. Didn’t see the doctor until after 11 and then they were very thorough with him. Went over all the meds, did an eeg (and he does NOT need a pacemaker or any meds; his arythmia or whatever they said is nonexistent – darn Texas medical people). They very painstakingly removed the scab from the bedsore on his head (hilarious to watch the doctor and nurse take turns while trying not to turn green!). Drew some blood, which took about 4-5 different tries. We stopped at DQ for something to eat and came home. Lin had gone to the store for me while she was waiting but I’ll need to run to Walmart tomorrow to pick up more prescriptions and a few other things.

2/15/11 Bob was able to take a trip to town today. Went to get a handicap parking thingy, stopped at DAC and he walked up/down the hall with his walker (good job) and sat to visit with some of my coworkers in between, and then out to Walmart to get prescriptions, etc. He really liked driving the electric cart! BUT I couldn't find any open handicap parking spaces, so our new thingy did us no good (besides I dropped him off at the front door) .... Got a load of gravel on the driveway so we, the mailman and home health people can get in and out if they can make it through the muddy road. Got the Internet working on Bob’s computer (it was not what the Hughes guy told us, just some change in settings) and downloaded another 700+ messages for him. Getting ready to watch Biggest Loser, and hopefully it will give me incentive not to gain my 15 lbs. back!

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