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2/16 – 2/19/11 OT gal Jennifer came out Wednesday to do an assessment and said she would bring out a shower seat when she came out again (but didn’t say when). Her battery was dead when she went to leave so had Jack come over and give her a jump. Was very disappointed in her visit; expected her to do some exercises with him but all she did was show him a couple to do himself. Didn’t sound like she was anxious to return.

Granddaughter Katie and her daughter Rain came out to visit on Thursday. Rain is so cute – she turns herself in a circle, then gets dizzy and falls down. On Friday the nurse Nancy came back out to look at Bob’s ulcer on his head. I expressed our dissatisfaction with Home Health services, and that we had never heard from a PT person yet at all. Bob has been without therapy since leaving the hospital 9 days ago and we were afraid he would lose what he had gained in the 2 weeks he was an inpatient. I told her we got tired of waiting for someone to get a shower seat so I just had him sit on a stepstool in the shower and bathed him. She said she would make sure PT person contacted us and got out there, and that he is entitled to 12 sessions of each PT and OT between now and June. Well, he needs them now, not in June !!! Bob had quite a few phone calls on Friday, and the PT guy called to say he’d be here Sunday morning. Nancy called to say the labwork done by VA shows Bob is dehydrated so I tried to get him to drink more water, etc. (Had diarhhia during the night and into morning). Saturday morning I went to town to mail a book to Bobbie and pick up more meds and some groceries. Got him a radio/cd/cassette player so he can listen to his tapes, and some weights to start lifting. His sister Judie and nephew Steve flew his plane to Clarksville today. He sat in the window for awhile soaking up sun, and went to bed at 5:30 p.m.

2/20-2/21 Sunday spent most of the day sitting in recliner or in bed. Jennifer (OT) came out and did some exercises with him and showed us a bathtub chair (which I didn’t really feel was the safest and Bob said would get water all over the floor) so she’s going to see if she can find a shower chair as a loaner. Said she’d be back out on Wednesday morning, and gave Bob some exercises to do. He wouldn’t do them this afternoon, but I did get him to do the PT ones this morning. Nancy called to encourage him to drink fluids and eat some. He did eat mashed potatoes for lunch and drank quite a bit of water, and just had jello and a few bites of soup for supper. He's pretty weak right now.

2/22/11 A different nurse came out, and asked all the same questions the first one did! I checked with the VA nurse and his labs came back good, but he's dehydrated and a little anemic. I called the neighbor to plow the driveway again and stop in to visit Bob and I went into town to get some medical paperwork completed and in the mail for the gazillion bills we're getting. Sure hurts not to have insurance!! Stopped at Walmart for a few things and back home. Bob spent most of the day either in the recliner or in bed. Hope he gets over this soon. He's sure down in the dumps as there's nothing much to do all day.

2/23/11 OT gal came back out to do some different exercises with him, and brought a different chair so Bob was able to take a shower, except we ran out of hot water. We have a call in to the plumber as we're not sure everything got turned back on correctly when Jim/Lin turned the water on and we may have some elements burned out. Always something! PT guy is supposed to come out later today (hopefully).

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