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Frozen tips of Aloe plants

Close-up of Aloe plants.

Finished house we built. I didn't take this photo.

The streets of Progresso, Mexico, getting to our building site.

Black Pot (center) was a pot of tamales that the home owner...

It has been awhile since I updated this trip journal and when I last wrote we were heading toward Kansas City in early October 2010. While in Kansas City/Liberty, Carol and I both had our round of doctor appointments and with each one giving us the ‘thumbs up’. As Thanksgiving was approaching we got all our Christmas shopping done and wrapped so they could be left in Kansas City. We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the daughters and grandkids. Friday, the day after Thanksgiving we headed south to our usual destination in the Southern tip of Texas. This is the fifth winter season that we have spent in Mission, Texas. We arrived on Tuesday, November 30th and by Thursday it was the first day of building houses in Progresso, Mexico. This season we built 24 houses and the total project has completed 380+ houses. I have participated in a little over 100 houses. The group of about 20 or 25 of us from this RV Park drives to Progresso every Tuesday and Thursday and can complete the house in about 2 and half to 3 hours. All the houses are the same size and most everybody knows the dimensions and the procedure, so it gets completed very quickly. We only missed two days of work because of weather. Some years the delays are due to rain but this year we missed two days because of the cold weather. Yes, some of your cold weather spilled down to the tip of Texas and threatened the citrus crop here. We had three nights below freezing, which is unusual for this area. The citrus survived but the Aloe plants a few blocks from our RV Park had the tips of the plants damaged. Along the coast at South Padre Island they had freezing rain and ice that damaged the Palm trees and other vegetation. My sister Sue and husband Stan made their third seasonal short visit down here but this year it happened to be during the unusual cold weather. They had a terrible weather related drive down here from Wichita but they still came anyway. We had to find some indoor activities the first few days they were here but they did participated in one day of house building before returning to Wichita.

Besides the house building, there are plenty of activities and entertainment here in the RV Park. Carol and I have a small group of friends that we pal around with or go out to eat with. After five years here, I have become familiar with most of the 300+ residents at this park so I decided to become a candidate to run for the activity board. I was elected to the board and my two-year term does not start until next season.

Besides the activities at the RV Park there are lots of activities in the area. There is shopping, Flea markets, movies, shows, rodeos, concerts and farm club sport teams for basketball and hockey. About an hour drive will get you to South Padre Island and the ocean beaches. Beside all that, the weather is great most of the time. I wear shorts and ride my bicycle most everyday. The windows of the RV can be left open most of the time to enjoy the nice fresh air. A few days it gets hot enough that we need to use the AC, yep even in February. Living is great in South Texas and not too expensive either.

One piece of sad news was that we had to put to sleep our 15-year-old dog. Actually, it was Tracy’s dog but we adopted it several years ago when Tracy moved into an apartment where pets were not allowed. Sadie, the dog, was almost blind with bad cataracts in both eyes, she was deaf and beginning to have mobility problems climbing the RV steps. She became lethargic and the Vet said she had problems with her pancreas, which was not curable. We will miss her greeting us at the door as we return to the RV, even though she could not see us.

Now, this second week of March, the RV Park is beginning to decrease in residents. Almost everyday you can see 3 or 4 RVs pull out of the park and head to other destinations or return back north to their homes. On March 29th, after sitting here for almost 4 months, Carol and I will crank-up the diesel engine of our RV. We are not heading north but we are going east along the Gulf Coast toward Florida. We are going to make a quick stop in New Orleans and then on to Ft. Myers, Florida, by April 6th. At Ft. Myers, we are going to meet with a group of Winnebago owners for another Winny organized tour. This will be a 10-day tour to include among other things, the Everglades Nat. Park and three days and two nights in Key West. After this organized tour, Carol and I will drive to Fort Lauderdale, FL., where we will meet daughter Tracy and grandson Devin at the airport. They will stay with us for 6 days for vacationing in the area. More details of these trips will be included in the next postings of this trip journal.

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