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Bob’s daughter Bobbie passed away early the morning of April 20th. God bless her soul. She was such a special lady. Bob had to go to the emergency room later that morning due to high blood pressure but they game him medication to bring it back down. Hopefully he can keep it in check until he gets back to Iowa. This has been such a stressful year so far and it’s not nearly over yet. Nephew Steve is very ill with cancer also but we are saying lots of prayers for him. On a lighter note, spring is coming. Our granddaughter Trinity turned 8 today (Happy birthday sweetie). Great grandson Kasey turned 6 yesterday and had a party at the bowling alley. Most of the family will be here for Easter…maybe I can get them to clean the eavespouts out! Had a “Spa Bus” come to work today so all us ladies got a spa treatment to relax us, much needed. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter. AND brother-in-law Francis celebrates his birthday Saturday. Happy birthday Fran.

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