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Leaving Silver City, I took the shorter, slower, windier road through the...

To keep awake driving to Santa Fe, I took pics and videos....

What a sweet guy in the Eldorado grocery parking lot. Note saliva...

You can't enter the Eldorado horse facilities unless you're a guest of...

This is the back yard of the house I'm renting. All houses...

What a day.

I'm now Eldorado at Santa Fe. I've had my eye on it for about three years. Not only is every home the style I like, each sits on at least an acre AND the community has its own horse facilities. I wouldn't have to buy horse property! I would have hundreds of horse people to answer my questions. Only the downturn in the real estate market puts it in my price range—barely. My hopes are guarded.

It may sound silly, but I feel like I'm entering mecca. I've read the online Eldorado newsletter and watched its housing market for years. I rented a house here through VRBO, hoping it will help me get to know the place better. Sure enough, at the grocery store a clerk engages me in a conversation. Where am I from? What am I doing in Eldorado? Do I need a realtor? She gives me a name.

Outside the grocery a man stops me. Did he hear correctly, that I need a realtor? He gives me his card. We chat. Would I like to see the horse facilities now? Would I! I follow him to mecca within mecca. Would I like him to call a friend who owns a horse? I can enter the barn area as her guest. Would I!

My head is spinning. All this took place in less than two hours!

I'd lined up a realtor to look at homes tomorrow but when she learned I wasn't pre-approved by a lender and wasn't sure I would move here she was—surprise, surprise—unexpectedly called out of town for a few days. Right. Nanny nanny boo boo, Miss Thing. I have two realtors who want me. So there. And Eldorado should have a lot of open houses tomorrow. Yum.

I'm still running on all cylinders from the Starbucks venti Americano I got in Los Lunas, even though I just finished dinner. I needed that coffee. I was practically falling asleep. I can't crank up the radio or open all the windows because it would bother Maggie. Dinner was microwaved salmon. I couldn't figure out the oven and didn't want to call the landlord. It's a new rental for her and I don't think she's on top of everything. For example, she gave me wrong directions to the house. Twice.

Speaking of Maggie, I was awake in the middle of the night and figured I'd clean his cage. I was fiddling around, trying to get him in his ball, and he panicked. He leapt off the counter like a grasshopper and landed on the linoleum floor. Luckily, he doesn't seem to be hurt. Poor baby. I hate it when I scare him.

Outside it's completely dark (I don't think they have streetlights) and quiet except for an occasional dog. Wish me good luck in getting a good night's sleep. I'm overdue.

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