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Carpe awaiting service at Freightliner dealer

We descended from 7,100' to 1,200'
And the temperature went from 58° to...

Prudent truckers (& RVers) keep their speed down on steep hills.

And this awaits the inprudent ones...

Sun, 02 Oct: We awoke at our "normal" (i.e., no alarm) time and got Carpe ready for the road. We weren't in any particular hurry other than check out was 1100. After breakfast we got ready for the road, bade farewell to Ben & Bonnie (and many of the other campers who came out to watch us leave) and drove 0.2 miles to the campground dump site where we emptied our tanks.

From there we headed east on I 40 for ten miles to I 17 and then south to Phoenix. The road is vastly improved since we last drove this stretch in '08. Most of the construction is complete and the road is fairly nice. We particularly appreciated the results of the endless construction north of Phoenix that we endured in '08.

Our day's journey was about 150 miles and took us just shy of three hours (including a change of drivers). We descended from 7,100' altitude to 1,200' altitude, which yielded a trip fuel economy of 10.8 MPG. We also noted an increase in the temperature from the refreshing high 50s at Camp Navajo to the broiling high 90s in Tolleson.

We arrived at the Freightliner dealer in Tolleson a few minutes after 1300 and found the last courtesy parking space with electricity. With these high temperatures we most definitely want electricity for the air conditioner. After getting set up we drove to a nearby fast food joint for lunch, and now back in the coach preparing for tomorrow.

Carpe's service appointment is for 0700, so we have to be ready to vacate the coach at that time. We'll be "homeless" all day, so we need to be sure we have everything we'll need. Worse of all, we need to get up early enough (re., alarm clock) to have everything in order when the technician comes to drive 'er away.

So, tomorrow should be an "exciting" day. More anon...

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