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It was almost a black-and-white world, driving through rain from Santa Fe...

The desk clerk's sons helped with my luggage. Maggie is hidden by...

My room has a sofa, coffee table, dining table for 2, mini-kitchen,...

Papa John's, delivered. Does anyone else think Papa John might have had...

It's a slow news day.

I woke up tired of traveling and considered staying another night in the house in Eldorado. A knock on the door changed my mind. It was the cleaning lady. I was supposed to be checked out by 11:00, wasn't I? Yes, I was.

Mortified, I told her I'd be out in an hour. I hope I didn't wreck her whole day's schedule. To prove I was sincerely apologetic I tipped $10 on top of the $50 cleaning fee.

Starbucks, then rain. I didn't bring an umbrella and forgot to borrow one from my friend Gloria, in Prescott. An overload of caffeine kicked in at a Burger King where there was no one at the counter and I had to wait for the fries to fry. Oh god, the inhumanity!

I can't complain about rain. I've just spent 18 gloriously sunny, warm days on the road. Sure, a storm would rumble through, but that was rare.

My final destination is Bosque Farms, a community south of Albuquerque that (supposedly) has more horses than people. I'm not clear on pronunciation. I was saying BAHSK Farms. No, no, said one woman, it's BOHS-kay. Another says BAHS-kee. I was having a hard time hearing the Realtor I just talked to, but I think she had yet another pronunciation. Laura, the Realtor, will send me a list of Bosque Farms and nearby properties in the morning and I'll go into drive-by mode tomorrow.

I'm staying at a nice place in Los Lunas, the Western Skies Inn & Suites. I'm happy as a clam (and I know why clams are so happy!) sitting at my little desk. Maggie, whom I snuck in, is on the dining room table. The desk clerk's sons helped me in with my luggage. I swore them to secrecy about Maggie and tipped them $4. They're maybe 15 and 11, at an age I expect boys to have a major attitude. But these boys were so sweet, they gave me hope for the next generation.

I'm sad this trip will be over in a week, but I'm ready to stop the search. I think.

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