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In Bosque Farms you can keep anything in your yard.

I was going to make fun of this double-decker manufactured home, but...

In rural Los Lunas you can keep anything in your yard.

This is a horse property I could afford. It's across the street...

When I stopped my car, the horse on the left belted out...

I think this horse lives on a half-acre property. It doesn't extend...

Awful. Awful, awful, awful. That's what I have to say about nearly all the houses I saw today.

Bosque Farms was a town I'd read about for years. What a disappointment. I didn't see a downtown area, just a long strip of businesses that can't afford to keep their buildings in shape. You can have horses on a half-acre property. Poor horses. They weren't hurting for food, but there was nowhere for them to run, to "be a horse," as a friend put it.

Don't get me wrong: Bosque Farms had some beautiful homes and streets of modest houses that owners took pride in. But I don't think there are regulations. Rusted-out cars; tractors; rusted farm equipment; an old school bus; ruined outbuildings; and trash turned yards into hideous hodgepodges of junk. It was sad.

In Los Lunas, the Valencia County Sheriff was making a visit next door to one property. It didn't look very serious, but still. About a mile down the street from another property was a row of manufactured homes so downtrodden they practically screamed, "Get your Meth here!" One had a big wooden box with the word "Bang" painted in orange on it. Hmm. No thanks.

The weather guy on TV says that today New Mexico has four seasons: summer in the south, winter in the north (there's snow in Chama), and spring or fall (take your pick) in the middle, where I am. I want to ship home a couple of boxes so my suitcase won't be too heavy, and my shorts will go in it. Sniff. Navigating with a 30" suitcase in one hand and a hamster in the other is difficult.

In local news, an employee of the Sunflower grocery store is accused of putting his semen into yogurt samples, which proves what I believe: Truth is sooo much stranger than fiction. (Yes, the news is on.)

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