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Here's where we stopped for lunch

The orange one is trying to woo the ladies next to him

I still can't see how they get up in the trees


I laughed at myself as I was falling asleep last night. I had bought a new LED flashlight while in TN over Christmas, and picked a fluorescent green one thinking it would be easier to find in the depths of my bag. Just as I was falling asleep I rolled over and saw something glowing on the nightstand. It took a few beats before I realized that it was the green flashlight, and apparently the darn thing glows in the dark. In this case a handy surprise.

Boy is this is definitely a rain forest. It rained off & on all night. If I’d had better sense I would have put in my ear plugs, because between the stop/start rain all night and the howler monkeys this morning I could have slept a bit more soundly, but wow what a cool experience. It was still raining when we headed down to the restaurant for breakfast and back down to reception with our bags it was still coming down. This one stop alone made me really glad my bag converts form wheels to a pack, because it’s no good trying to roll up & down these muddy gravel paths, though some did try.

This is a bit of a driving day, so we headed further North and made our lunch stop at some place where they’re known for huge iguanas lazing about sunning in the tops of the trees. Somehow I was totally unaware that they could get up into trees. This is apparently their mating season, so when you look at the photos, the bright orange ones are the males trying to attract the females. The females supposedly turn bright green if they’re up for it, but we didn’t see any like that. ;)

After lunch we headed on up to Caño Negro. We have a bunch of bird watchers (AKA “twitchers”) in the group, so made quite a few stops to look at different birds along the way. I’ve now seen 3 varieties of vultures (including turkey vulture), ibis, herons, spoonbills, and heaven knows what else.

I’ve thoroughly embarrassed myself today. I normally stick to my usual sort of mystery/adventure or some other “light” reading for trips, but I accidentally started reading some book that got me completely sucked in last night, then took a really tragic turn and had me sobbing for ages on the bus – in front of people I only just met. They probably think I’m a head case! Oh well…

When we got settled in our hotel some of the group went for a walk ("bimble") with Lou. The bugs were out in force and it was really muddy, so I decided I was going to finish that darn weep-inducing book no matter what, in order to get on to something less gut-wrenching. Somehow I still can’t bring myself to give a book up right in the middle, but I did get through the end. My roommate Dawn came back plenty muddy and bitten, so I think it was a good call for me. Only disappointment was that they had seen a sloth and I missed it.

It was a quiet evening with dinner at the hotel & good conversation. We were told that the fruit juices here would be really good, as the fruit came fresh from the grounds. We teased Mike because he said someone had to try the Noni fruit juice, so he would. Lou had said it was one of those cure-all superfruits, but we laughed because the menu noted “(Latin Viagra)” next to it. Lou had also warned us that it smells awful, so here they offered it in a mix of juices rather than straight. Mike let us all try his, and even mixed in with other juices it’s not something I’d feel a need to order, but you never know unless you try it.

The restaurant has aquariums built into the floor, and though they don't have a glass cover or anything, they do have a significant lip around them. Despite this, Lou said that a woman on a prior trip stepped straight into the thing with the prehistoric looking fish they keep in there. Luckily the lady wasn't hurt and later laughed that it was surprisingly deep. They showed us scales from that crazy fish, and they looked like big, flat thumbnails. Yikes.

Crashing fairly early, because tomorrow some of us are taking an early morning boat tour down the river to see wild things. Buenos noches!

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