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I was just having lunch with my friends, Claire said she overheard someone talking about London on the news. Thinking she meant about us winning the bid for the 2012 Olympics, I thought I would just wait until I get onto the internet to check it out. I hoped it wasn't something bad...

Before I managed to go onto the BBC website, I received a few emails with subject titles which confirmed my fears. There were attacks on various parts of London - luckily for me, in the financial part where I don't have many friends. But considering the potential of the attacks, I am very grateful that there weren't more damage caused.

My family are fine, as they work and live in a different part of London. As far as I know, most of my friends should ok too, apart from some architects who work near King's Cross. In which case, I hope they were continuing the architectural trait of arriving late for work, hence missing the explosions. Also, a very well done to the people of London, who behaved (I hear) very calmly throughout it all... No doubt we have Network Rail, London Transport and the transportation infrastructure to thank, for training us to handle all types of traffic delays so well.

I feel sad that I couldn't be in London at the moment, to be with my friends and family... My thoughts with you all! In the meanwhile, I am sure our fantastic emergency and security service who have been doing a great job so far (hence no attacks until now) will continue their good work. It just shows despite all complaints, London has proved itself to be pretty well prepared. London will spring back alive and kicking shortly!

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