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Wow, I have not posted in this journal in a long long time, just lazy and having plenty of things to do.

The last posting stated we were waiting for the operation on Carol’s arm, thinking it would be around September the 20th. Well, the operation was not until October 7th and Carol was in the hospital until October 22. I took the RV and parked it on the hospital parking lot instead of driving about 30 miles back to Michelle’s house each evening. Operation went fine but getting Carol back to proper clotting factor and her blood count back to proper level made it a long stay in the hospital. About a week later the incision on her arm was weeping a little and one section of the incision was not closing, so she went back to the hospital on November 8th. Doctor wanted to open, clean and re-stitch the incision. He said that the skin was so thin there after so many operations at the same locations that it was difficult to close the wound. She was released from the hospital on November 12th. We had a few days to complete some normal doctor, dentist and eye appointments and do Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the girls and family. The bone doctor wanted to see Carol one more time before we could leave for South Texas. So, we went to the doctor on Monday, Nov. 28th and on Tuesday we headed south to our winter home. We returned to the same RV Park and the same parking spot, but now the RV Park is owned by a new owner and managed by a new group of people. The park had some new improvements and some new rules and us old fogies don’t like changes very well. The new owner did not hire an Activity Director nor a Cook for this winter season. So the activity committee that I was elected to last year, had to fill in and do some of the stuff that the activity director would normally do. That caused me to have some extra duties besides the building project that I like to do over in Mexico. Even though we had fewer donations this year we were still able to build 22 houses in Mexico. This project has now built over 400 houses in Progresso, Mexico.

The new owner of the RV Park has put in some new electrical wiring and has promised more wiring and other improvements but they also raised the rent rates and will also charge an extra fee for those of us that live along the lake. Carol and I have parked along the lake these past 6 years so to save the extra $50 per month, we are moving to a different parking spot next year. That is our small form of protest to the extra fee, but about 20 other couples are moving out of this park and into other RV parks for next season. Most everybody is not pleased with the attitude of the manager who is a good manager but has poor people skills. The new owner who owns this park and 3 others in this area, arrived two weeks ago from California, sat down with our activity committee in a two and ¾ hour meeting. He has now hired an Activity Director and will hire a cook for next season, now if he can either fire or teach the manager some better people skills things are looking better. I told the owner during the committee meeting that I was staying in this park mainly because of the building project.

Now the third week in March, the residents of the RV Park are slowly leaving to make their migration back north to their homes. Carol and I will leave here April 4th to get some minor service work done on the RV. The service manager claims that he should be finished and get us on our way by Friday the 6th. The service center has 25 RV sites with full hook-ups that we can camp at for no charge other than the service bill. After service, Carol and I plan to do some sightseeing on our way to Lafayette, LA to meet up with some other Winnebago owners on April 18th. There, we are doing another Winnebago tour, which Carol and I always enjoy. This time it is to learn about the Cajun heritage, culture and food in that area. When that is completed on April 25th we will then take a leisure drive up the Natchez Trace Parkway, which ends near Nashville, TN. We will spend a few days in Nashville and then drive back to Liberty, MO arriving about May 4th. About May 12 or the13th, we will head toward Vancouver, BC, where we will take a train ride through the Canadian Rockies. The train ride begins on May 25 and ends June 1. The next event will be a Fees family reunion in Wichita on June 30th. More on the above mentioned events later.

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