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Exterior of Inti Huahuacuna, Zarzuela

The corner downstairs is where I will be painting

Sketch of initial survey of room

Attacking water bottles and making them into donation bottles

Design for the donation bottles

My fleet of donation bottles

Design of the postcard (front)

Postcard (back)

I didn't get to go to the photography workshop on Saturday in the end. Changed my mind in the last minute on the bus, when I was sneezing uncontrollably, and decided would be a bad idea infecting the kids there with my cold.

However, stayed up until 2am on Monday night (yeah, same old architectural all-nighters!) drawing up the plans and elevations I have surveyed almost a week previously. Enjoyed it tremendously, and was also very inspired by the three hours long research on Paddington stories earlier that night. Had so much fun, also managed to do a sketch proposal of what to paint on the walls, to show Zarzuela the next day.

Basically there is a rectangular opening which divides the salon into two, thus one part would tell the story of Paddington in Peru, and the other half in England. The columns in the middle would represent the Atlantic Ocean, as Paddington crosses it as a stowaway in the ship. But also debating whether to have more scenes of Peru, since the project is about Paddington coming back to Peru to tell his adventures to the kids here.

Along with some additional pictures of Paddington, I brought these drawings to Zarzuela the next day. Unfortunately, Doly and Flor were spending the day at Tica Tica that day, and I decided to return on Wednesday instead. They liked the idea a lot, and were delighted with the printouts of Paddington. Gave them the task of asking the kids what activities and scenes of Peru they would like to see on their walls. They couldn't wait for me to start painting!

One thing before that though, and that's the fundraising necessary to buy the paint. Planned to design a postcard which can be sold at travel agencies, and on the street (yes, I am going to be one of those street vendors!). Luckily found a couple of internet cafes with Photoshop and spent a few enjoyable hours experimenting with Paddington walking along different parts of the postcard.

A couple of drafts later, enquired at various printers for quotes of the price of printing the postcards, and picking up a few more useful Spanish vocabs. It was quite frustrating at the beginning, as I am sure my Spanish wasn't so bad that they couldn't understand, but they just appeared determined not to give me the information I needed. The prices varied widely, as also the length of time required to print. Monochrome is much much cheaper than full colour, but obviously would be a lot nicer and eye catching for the Bear to be seen in his trademark blue duffel coat and red Peruvian hat!

Having asked at every single printer in the printing district near Av el Sol (they have clusters of various trades here in Peru), finally went with "La Comerical", who offered me not only the best price, but also one of the quickest delivery time. Dropped off the design on Saturaday, and five hundreds would be ready on Monday afternoon!! I am sooo excited that my design would be in print, and distributed soon!!!

When I spoke to SeƱor Felix on Friday, he was very kind and seemed informed about what he was doing. When we drew up the contract, he was also very thorough to make sure that "we understood each other", and I felt that the design would be safe in his hand. Was slightly worried when he found out he had put the piece of carbonated paper in the wrong page when writing me the receipt. Right! I really hope there would be no major disaster...!

On Friday, Doly, Flor and Nestor all helped cleaning out some 2.5 litres empty water bottles (additional challenage being no water running that day in the centre!), and printing out colour labels to transform them into donation bottles. Planned to install these in prominent tourist spots, such as travel agencies and a couple of charity friendly restuarants. Management doesn't return until Monday, so the bottles will have to wait a little bit longer for now.

Tomorrow, I will begin work properly - preparing the wall surfaces for the painting, and hopefully sketching out the design on Wednesday. My friends Yasmin and Flor (Israel) decided to extend their stay in Cusco, not only to help me paint and accessory shopping on their weekend, but also want to help me with the painting. Since they have both carried out projects such as transforming their bedroom and the family lounge, I am reassured of their experience.. which, frankly, is more than what I have!! We are all excited about it anyway!!

Today whilst sitting in the Plaza de Armas, ran into a couple of friends from the Colca Canyon tour - Sarah and Dave. As they are from the UK, they obviously knew of Paddington's story and thought the project to be a good idea. At first they promised to buy some postcards tomorrow night (fresh off the press!), but after further conversation, they even indicated their interest in coming along and help with the painting!

I am so excited about every aspect of the project!! Getting the postcards, dropping them off at various places (South American Explorers said thet would be happy to buy a stack off me, and sell them in their office - much frequented by travellers!), selling them on the Plaza, a pub quiz in an English pub (their weekly charity event), and starting the painting of course!

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