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"Exotic brocoli" delicious main course, at my favourite veggie restuarant (The Mandalas,...

One of the best soups I have had (Veggie Rest, Arequipa)

The main "spaghetti cake" wasn't quite as nice...

Potatoe and sweetcorn soup... very typical

Yummy pumpkin soup with very good bread (Vegetarian Restuarant, Cusco)

Potato with seaweed salad! Nice!!

My sister, as seen on msn

Today's the day that my lovely sister reaches the grand old age of a quarter of a century. You wouldn't know from looking at her though, as she's very sensitive her any oncoming wrinkles, and still looks very young!

Well, can't be there with her today to give her a big hug (and eat her share of the birthday cake), but here are some images of food she never got round to tasting here in Peru. Yuk, maybe you could work out the ingredients, as I forget their names!!! Many of these are part of the many three/four course-ers, but I didn't always remember to take a photo of everything... But happy happy birthday anyway, and hope you enjoy the virutal feast I have reserved for you!! :)

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