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Mooney Falls from the top

Mooney Falls from the top

The dam for the falls is created by sticks and debris that...


Descent to Mooney Falls pond.

Mooney Falls from the bottom

Havasu Creek crossing

Canyon hike near creek

Where in the world did a palm come from?


Beaver Falls from the pond below






4/12/12: Today we started our hike to Mooney Falls by trekking through the campground about 1/2mile to the top of the falls. A beautiful view from the top then a steep descent to the bottom to stand near the pool and see the beautiful view of the full cascade of water. After the falls we hike along and across the Havasu Creek for a few miles to a lovely picnic spot. Prior to lunch took a quick dip in the still freezing water. After lunch several in the group head back to the campsite with Guide Ann while Marion, Lisa (guides)Pat, Amy, Alice, Janet and myself head on to Beaver Falls. It was a bit precarious but so worth it when we got there. So beautiful. Went wading and snapped a few photos of the falls. Arrived back in camp just in time for supper. So sad that it is our last night in camp. It was a chilly night, but we gathered around the picnic table and listened to Marion read a chapter from the book I Am The Grand Canyon which chronicles the history of the Havasupai people and Lisa read a poem from a book called Southwest women. Off to bed early! 4/13/12: Packed up camp in the dark and hit the trail about 6:15am. The sun was just peaking up and dawned to a chilly day which would get progressively colder as I climbed upward. Really enjoyed the hike out as I had the opportunity to set my own pace and spent most of the 10 mile hike alone with my thoughts. The canyon is really a great place to think as you walk along. Reached the very windy cold top at about 9:45 and waited about 15min for the next person in our group - Jo - to emerge. Over the next hour we greeted members of our group until finally a guide came out with the keys to the van. Woohoo, warmth!! by 11:45 the entire group was out and we packed up the van for the trip to Sedona where we will spend our final day.

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