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"Daddy, there's a snake in the bathroom!"

I'll come back to that. But first I have to let you know I am typing this one handed, with my thumb. My five year old computer crashed the second day we got here to Bali. So my iPhone has become my connection to the bigger world. I'll email this over to Jacye, as she's decided to be called here, and she'll post it to the travel blog from her trusty iPad.

After spending a delightful month in Honolulu......thank you all......we flew across the date line and equator to the beautiful island of Bali.

We've done a bit of sightseeing, but mostly we've been looking at the Green School to determine if it is a viable option for the girls as well as the parents.

It is an amazing place. The school itself is a huge work of art. If you haven't googled it please do so. The school is transitioning from a more traditional approach to one more in line with how Jacey and I see education will better serve the needs of the "new world" that is upon us.

There are still a lot of pieces that would need to fall into place for us to give up our lives in Hawaii.....stay tuned.

As for Bali, it is certainly a third world country, but unlike Costa Rica and South Africa, which are third world countries with first world prices, things are pretty inexpensive here,

We are living in a small two story house surrounded by rice paddies. There is another small house on the land as well as a 50 foot lap pool. The caretaker, Nyomam, is building two other houses on the other side of the stream that dissects the property.

We are pretty isolated, about ten minutes north of Ubud, the town made famous by the book and movie, Eat Pray Love. Speaking of which, if you are a single man and would like to meet a woman, take on a Brazilian

accent and come here. There are lots of women waiting for you.

I said we are ten minutes from Ubud, but in saying that, the ten minutes is very different from anywhere else I've been other, perhaps, than Genoa, Italy. Motor bikes are everywhere! When we want to go somewhere, if we are all going, we use the services of Made and his van. When we all go to the Green School, that costs us

200,000 rupees or about $22. However, if just two if us are going we borrow a motor bike for 40,000 rupees or about $4.40. I enjoy the bike and J has just started driving it but I have yet to get one of the girls on it. However Sammye has a sleep over with a new friend tonight, so she'll have to venture forth with me this

afternoon. There is no discernable traffic laws here. Although there are white lines down the middle of the road, they don't mean anything to anybody. The trick is to get into the flow and go with it. To be timid is to put yourself at risk.

The people are especially nice here. They don't just believe in their religion, they live it. Karma is a way of life. All interactions seemed to be based on "I'll treat you how I want to be treated.

Back to, "Daddy, there's a snake in the bathroom".

Well, I was already in the bathroom but hadn't noticed said snake when I went in! It was, after all a small snake and was being harrased by the resident kitten just inside the door. Caitlyn ran over the bridge to get Nyoman, the fellow who is building the houses over there and who takes care of things here. He managed to get the snake in to a shovel and deposited it across the road in a neighbor's rice paddy. He assured us that he'd have his wife put together an offering to thank the snake god not to send anymore our way.

Gotta go, my thumb is getting a cramp.


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