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The postcards freshly off the press, it was about time to start the sell them and to spread a little bit of publicity. Tried to speak to the manager of serveral catering institutions for permission to sell on their premises. Some of them were not available, and Jeffrey from "Norton Rats" would rather provide a refuge from vendors in his bar, but had enough tact to buy some postcards from me.

The evening started off by dropping in at the "Ritual Cultural Cafe and Resturant", just down the road from me. The place was cosy, but small, and it was difficult speaking to some of the customers - especially when a seat was not offered! Spent maybe about an hour there, spending longer than was necessary with each table, talking happily about the project. Most people were generous enough to purchase a card. There was a table of a teacher and pupil from Sussex/Putney (London), who have just done some voluntary painting work themselves, and thought my project was "totally barmy" - but in a nice way of course!

After meeting up with my friends for dinner at "Paddy's" - the highest Irish owned bar in the world! spent a further couple of hours there looking for donations. There were loads of English speaking people, and I had a pretty good response. Many took a postcard, put some money into my bottle, and then gave me the postcard back so that it could be resold. Some even gave me some (mad) suggestions of things I could do. A group who work in Mama Africa told me that their boss cooks breakfast for poor kids outside Cusco, in towns like Pisac every Sunday morning. So will have to explore the possibility of Pepo "buying" some postcards for the poor kids!

Went home with more change rattling in my bottle, some postcards fewer (sold between 30 to 50), and unfortunately my voice somewhat thicker, from trying to compete with the noise level inside for the previous two hours. Felt it had been a good evening nonetheless, though it brought on a new cold for me... yes, back to carrying loo roll with me when I go out!

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