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Tony sketches out a Paddington with great concentration

Result of Tony's great sketch

19.07 Sending off the first batch of ordered postcards to the UK!

Juvenil writing a special message to Joey

Eri concentrating hard with his postcard

Edwin proudly sending a message to the UK

Jesus' love letter (unknowingly) to my 97 year old neighbour!

20.07 Philip helps me sketch out Tower Bridge, London

Crowd cheering Paddington in London

Ron helps paint in Paddington

Statue of Liberty, New York

Outline of what colours to paint Paddington

Skyline of New York

Nestor tackles the hard task of Paddington in perspective

...pulling his boat through Panama Canal

Paddington rows across the Atlantic ocean

21.07 Skyline of London

Yhomar freely paints the water of the Atlantic

Philip colours in Paddington's face

Paddington salutes the Statue of Liberty

Volunteer Vicky (UK) resuses her GCSE art painting skills

...and crossing the Panama Canal

...and Yhomar putting in his magic touch again

Paddington finding a nice quite spot for a nap in Panama

22.07 Eri and Philip help sell postcards in the Plaza

Working on the 2nd room, when Paddington arrives back into Peru

Jani paints neatly and impressively...

...with definitions of features

Good job Jani!

Don't seem to have much luck doing a full working week. Turned up at lunchtime on Monday and waited for an hour, for the others to come back from lunch. Obviously lunch times are more than the standard hour I was used to back in the UK! But after some considerations, felt wasn't really ready to start sketching and painting yet, as was in the mood to construct a 3D model of the room! Had a nice discussion with Inti to talk through my new ideas, and he pointed out a few things to be resolved. The evening was spent happily hacking away at some cardboard I had in my room to resemble something like the space in Inti Huahuacuna!

Arrived earlier the next morning, to find that the door to the Sala de Manualidades could not be opened, despite trying out all the keys on the ring. Instead, thought could work on the sketches I had prepared, but there were too many people upstairs in the library to work properly. Chatted to Philip and the librarian about the project, and then interrupted Vicky's (St. Albans, England) English class by getting some of the older kids to write a message on a postcard to my friends in the UK.

At lunch time, worked a little more on selling the postcards with Philip by going round to some English run institutions in Cusco. Lyn, at the "Real McCoy" was totally lovely with the request of leaving the donation bottle and postcards at her restuarant. She even said she was only thinking the other day, how no-one in Peru knew about Paddington! Could it be she heard a whiff of rumour of my project??? Jane, at the "Cusco Curry House" was also really nice, and even took quite a bit of time off work chatting to me about the project. Turned out she worked at the "Teddy Bear Shop" in Bath (my university town), and suggested that I contacted Michael Bond, the author, though he is quite possessive about the project. Luckily copyrights in Peru don't apply!

Went back to Zarzuela in the afternoon with some newly bought paints... only of the primary colours of red, yellow and blue. Was recommended a couple of kids who could draw well to help me out. My two helpers of the day were Tony (aged 18) and Boris (14) - though I suspected Boris recommended himself, so set him on sketching one logo for me, which confirmed my suspicison. However, Tony did a great job sketching Paddington rowing in a little boat across the Atlantic, and I was very very impressed with his work. Unfortunately he has college until 6pm each other, but thought would be worth staying a little later to set him more stuff to draw. By the end of the day, there were various sketches of Paddington around the room.

On Wednesday, with the help of Philip, began sketching out the Tower Bridge, where Paddington begins his journey home. Used a distorted perspective using the bridge to frame the window. Did start off drawing freehand, but the scale was too big for me to get away with such wonky lines. With the help of a broom handle, all problems were solved, and Philip held the broom patiently for me to mark out the various lines. Had great fun! In the afternoon, set my helpers to help paint in Paddington's red Peruvian hats and his blue duffle coat, painting the outlines quickly to help them. In the meanwhile, I had to babysit Maribel (see photos from previous week) over lunch (4 hours!), though I didn't really have time to play with her. Poor girl got slightly bored, though I cut a postcard into a jigsaw puzzle for her to play with.

Despite of that, managed to sketch out the skyline of New York, basing on a printout I have found on the internet. The afternoon was spend painting in the buildings, and enjoying it a lot, though the kids were constantly knocking on the door and window. In the meanwhile, Nestor tackled the difficult task of drawing Paddington pulling his boat through the Panama Canal. He was given a drawing of Paddington pushing a trolley, and had to distort it to make him pull the boat. The most difficult part was drawing the boat in perspectives. He was very good at copying something in front of him, but found imagining something from his head pretty impossible. Sketched out the general form for him on the wall, but luckily we had Miguel - the professional artist working that day to help us get the form exactly right. We worked until almost 9pm, and took a taxi home with my colleagues. It was a great day, but pretty exhausting!

On Thursday morning, had the help of Vicky, who applied her GCSE art painting skills on Paddington's boat through the canal, and doing a great job mixing up shades of browns. Took me slightly longer to mix up the correct shade of brown for Paddington's face, hands and feet, so that Philip could paint them in. Also met Yhomar (aged 18) who did a fantastic job painting the water of the Atlantic, with great free brushstrokes. Was so pleased with him that have consequently saved all the water for him to paint!

Friday was a late morning, starting off at the Plaza de Armas to see how Eri and Philip were doing with selling postcards. They did pretty well, and was persueded to join up with Eri for ten minutes of sale, despite being on my way to breakfast. Well, ten minutes turned out to be 45 mins, and spoke to many tourists who had various degrees of interests. It was definitely better when I was speaking, as the shadow of a Peruvian street vendor triggered off the automatic response of "no, gracious!" of many tourists. But as I didn't stop talking, managed to talk a few of them buying some postcards. There was even an American professional artist who was interested in teaching the kids how to paint for free! Wicked!

When finally got into Zarzuela, sketched out forms of Paddington in the second room - when he arrives back into Peru. Was joined by Jani, my Dutch friend and near neighbour, who did an amazing job block painting the Paddingtons in red and blue, but still retaining the defintions of the various lines. Wow! I am very lucky with such good helpers!!

Although the story of Paddington only begun to appear on the walls this week, with only three and half days of work, I was greatly pleased with the progress of it all. With helpers, and good management of time and resources, I hoped that the paintings will be completed within the next couple of weeks!

Not much to report on other aspects of my week, as most of the time was spent working until late.

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