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The main street in "downtown" Tombstone. Quiet on this weekday, but will...



Crystal Palace Saloon - from the outside

The inside (bar) of the Crystal Palace Saloon

The Tombstone Epitaph.




A suitable directive - then and now.

Tombstone library

Architectural icons

Tombstone Courthouse


Yup. 'Nough said.


The gallows. Used for 7 deaths - I believe.



Eighth grade graduating class: 1911.


The Tombstone Courthouse courtroom

Boot Hill

Boot Hill Cemetery - looking northeast


Tombstone brand of "justice". (I suppose . . .)

More "justice"

"Here lies Lester Moore. 4 slugs from a .44. No Les; no...

Some "hospitality" - when a Border Patrol agent greets you at the...

Tombstone. We took a day and drove the scenic 70 miles to Tombstone. We had lunch at the (famed) Crystal Palace Saloon. We visited the historic offices of the Tombstone Epitaph - the town newspaper begun in the 19th century (and still printing today). We visited the historic Courthouse (and jail), which holds a rich collection of artifacts. This State Park Museum was on the list of state sites to be closed, but fortunately, the Chamber of Commerce took it over. It would have been a travesty had that building and its contents been left to ruin. Finally, we took a quick tour of Boot Hill Cemetery - recently renovated with identical head markers - all inscribed in the same script - set amid cleanly swept paths - now free of the original headstones. The graves have had stones replaced or set new. All felt very Hollywood-ish. The history and sanctity of the place - as we remembered from our previous visit - all feel grossly violated.

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