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Sunday, 12/9/12 – all day on ship

Each day we get a newsletter giving us listings of what’s going on that day. In our group of 10, we all found plenty of things to do besides eat. All of us attended some of the presentations today. Jim & I went to a photography session given by a man who was born & raised in Fremont, NE. Sandra Day O’Connor is also on the ship & she attended 2 of the same sessions we went to. Most of us worked out at the fitness center at one time or other. This evening was the Captain’s Welcome Dinner. We ate during the early shift. (715 people on board) Late one starts at 8:45! Some of us plan to listen to music & a magician/comedian at 9:00.

As far as eating goes…here’s what this ship offers: early breakfast, semi-served breakfast or breakfast buffet, served lunch or lunch buffet, semi-served dinner or dinner buffet plus afternoon & late night snacks. If you’re still hungry, you can buy food at a snack bar!

In preparation for tomorrow’s docking at Montego Bay, there was a presentation on Jamaica. You can either attend the session or choose to stay in your cabin & watch it on TV. Nice.

We saw Cuba during our voyage today. Seas were fine. Haven’t heard of anyone getting seasick yet, but Jean decided to put on half a patch. Tomorrow we’ll get a break from the rocking boat.

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