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Suz and Stella, ready and waiting!

Keeping each other warm!

The sky when we arrived... (0515)

The sky begins to light... (0530)

...and gets lighter... (0531)

...and lighter... (0534)

... (0540)

Silhouettes of Cesar, Leo and Ivan (0538)

Silhouettes of people on nearby hill (0543)

Surrounding hillscape

1981 and I enjoying the (early) morning...

and Alison (South Africa) too ...

No regrets about the early start!

Sky... (0553)

Sky... (0554)

The sun comes up!! (0603)

Good morning Sun!!

Everyone cheers as this happens...

Cesar and Leo at sunrise

Some people begin to leave... (!!!)

Sun at 0615

Some lucky person with view of sunrise all year round!

Line of traffic as when unloaded sunwatchers...

...all to somehow turn back to Paucartambo!

The Sunrise at the "Trece Cruces" is really famous, especially between the months of May to August, where the sunrise is rumoured to create hallucinating double images etc. Since it was only 45km away from Paucartambo, it was worth going over to have a look for myself.

Though only 45km away, the bus ride takes two hours, going into Manu National Park, and winding around mountain paths. Oh dear! In order to make it there before five, we had to wake up at 2am... yes, just when was about to drift off properly! At least we could sleep on the bus, or so we thought, as Stella and I sat huddled up in sleeping bag... but we ended up chatting most of the journey there!

There were a few problems with the bus, but it was nothing we weren't used to, after the long eventful combi ride from Cusco! Just shortly before five, the bus stopped abruptly behind a line of traffic - which had transported many people there before us, also for the sunrise. Good job had brought my torch (flashlight - US), and we navigated around the numerous of parked vehicles, following the sounds of Ivan calling me - who went sprinting ahead to get us a good seat, and before the sun rises!

Had been discussing earlier how I haven't seen many sunrises, as sunsets are more to my timetable...! But it was actually quite fun running around in the dark, and trying to set up a camp there. Ivan had brought his tent to keep warm, but we didn't really fancy looking out of a tent. So we stupidly sat behind the tent, which meant of course, he couldn't put it up at all! Not everyone in the party made it for the sunrise... some were partying until the wee hours of the morning, and some were unwell. So it was just me, Stella, Suz, Alison, Steve, Ivan, Cesar and Leonardo.

When we sat down, it was still pretty dark, and about twenty minutes later, the sky begun to light... hence putting an end to taking photos of total blackness. See the uploaded photos of how the sky lit up that morning! It was beautiful how things were slowly revealed to us as the sky lightened... Oh! There was a mountain there?? There's a forest below us?? Wow! And all those people waiting!! It was also strange how the sky was actually pretty bright ten minutes before the sun even came up! When the sun saluted us with the new day, a huge cheer went off... well, there's no way we could have missed the sunrise!

Shortly afterwards, we had to make our way back onto the bus. We didn't have to rush really, as the bus had to wait its turn in the line of traffic! Though I didn't realise I was tired, fell asleep pretty much almost straight away (and Stella was a lovely pillow!)... as did almost everyone else too!

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