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Masked procession as we arrived back into town

Steve (S. Africa) surprised by masked man at breakfast

Hmm, lets not let Sven know he's got a bridge in Peru!

Nearby, a more traditional arched bridge

More costumed procession in town

Stella enjoying a "chocolate" ice cream...

... and kindly sharing it with Ivan

Endless crowds congregating on plaza

Alison and Steve enjoying the sun

And more procession

Masked characters representing Spaniards

Followed by the lawyers

Masked character looking on at procession

Characters and crowd intermingled in narrow road...

...and all the way up the alley...

...waiting for this sight... The Virgen del Carmen

Character procession in other part of town

Woman enjoying a little break from processions in the Plaza

Whilst characters and kid look on from roof

A party going on in the Plaza

Devin, Sandra, Suz, Yat, Cesar (back) and Lotta

Wicked and lots of fun!

Devin and his new friend

Stella and Sandra betwitched by "Witches Garden"'s The Black Hole

Reckon that look says it all!

We arrived back into Paucartambo before I was ready to wake up... But the time it took for the bus to park was enough for me to wake up again. We were all tired and hungry. Went back to the school to drop down our stuff, and then waited a long while before headig off for breakfast.. with Sandra also joining us.

The first place we went to tried to charge us 7 soles (US$2) for eggs and bread - and not even including coffee!! Well, no way! Took a couple more attempts before we finally found a nice outdoor place which would serve us. We made the orders as simple as possible (eggs and bread, or eggs and rice, with tea or coffee), but somehow this was still too complicated for the kitchen. They made blunders with the drinks, getting the orders pretty mixed up, and to complete the service they miscalculated our bill, charging us 10 soles too little! Though was previously annoyed with them, ended up giving them some extra change as an encouragement. These little restuarants can't cope when thousands of tourists descent on their town for a few days each year - though having had practice for centuries!

The day was spent periodically in the town, looking at processions (and continuous eating) and going for a nap back at the school. Had the same old familiar feeling of lack of sleep zoombiness, and the day drifted in a haze. The day was spent with the party in separate groups, and we didn't reunite again until dinner time, when we looked for another free place to eat. There were lots of people watching the performers performing one more ritualistic dance, before sitting down for the food. Felt bad for competing the food with these people who have worked hard all day, so we trooped off to a pizzeria instead. Maybe we were so hungry, the pizza tasted especially good!

Again, we passed the evening on the Plaza, watching people running around the square, hands joined in a chain. Eventually we joined them as well, but we didn't quite have the stamina to run around more than a few laps! We also danced with masked characters... had a fantastic conversation with mine, who grunted alot. The rest of the evening was spent trying to dance in our group (Suz, Sandra, and Devin) and running away from Peruvian persuerers (and dumping them on poor Devin, who kept getting hit on by the guys).

At some point in the evening, we headed back to the school, and further to the hillside, where they were blasting out loud music and buring a huge bonfire. Despite the great attraction, the party was dead, so we trooped back to the school for sleep - and finding some new strange people also sleeping there.

We were rudely woken up by the caretaker at 8am to collect more money for the extra night. Since already up, we packed our stuff, skipped breakfast (no more desire to wait another couple of hours for food!) and took the bus back to Cusco. I got separated from my group though (in pursuit of freshly baked bread), and almost missed the bus back. But luckily all things turned out well, and enjoyed more chatting with Stella and taking a picture of Devin with his new friend, who leaned on him intimately whenever the bus went round a bend...

It was a really lovely weekend, and we all enjoyed it loads. Still as we sat on the bus munching on banana sandwiches, we were still wondering who Carmen was...

Back into Cusco, everyone looked forward to a nice hot shower (after 2 days!), get our dusty dusty clothes washed, and a little nap, before meeting up again in the evening. Stella suggested "Witches Garden" and eagerly recommended "The Black Hole", a chocolate cookie sandwich with ice cream and whiskey sauce... See the photo to appreciate how much she loves it!!

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