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Dinner at Jacks...Lotta, Inti, Devin, Maaike, Jani, Yat, Suz, Cesar

Devin > see how much I can eat!

...hmm, it's really quite lovely!

Inti helping with finishing all the food!

View of Cusco from the penthouse upstairs

Devin armed with sleeping bag for his overnight bus!

Suz, Devin and Inti

Suz, Inti (partial), Yat, Devin

Take 2!

Well done for downing a Machu Pichu in 8 seconds!

The week was actually made slightly more interesting by seeing my friends in the evenings... when they're not helping me paint, of course!

Unfortunately the objective of a few of these meetings were to say "goodbye" to various people. Sunday night was Lotta (Holland) and Devin's (USA) last "proper" night in Cusco, and we went for a nice big meal at Jacks. Quote of the evening came from Suzan (Dutchy), who ordered a garlic mushroom sandwich. "Excuse me, but I have ordered this before, and the portion was MUCH bigger!" They actually obliged and gave her some extra sauce!! All portions, as we all loved, at Jacks are huge, and with thanks to Devin and Inti, the American dream team polished off all the leftovers!

After dinner, we went across to "The Nomade", where they had water pipes. When we had ordered our drinks, and re-arranged the sofas for a view of the performers of live music (folk country - how lovely!), we found out that they had no burners that night for the

water pipes. Oh! So we trotted off to Cafe Cuba, for a round of free drinks (with Devin, the bars resident leading the way), and I hear many people got very drunk. As for me, I went home early for a wonderful view of a star lit sky, at the penthouse flat above my room. Amongst the sounds of dogs barking all around Cusco - which only seem to be audible from higher up - was even lucky enough to see some shooting stars!

Monday was the real last night of Devin and Lotta, who had to take the night bus to Puno for Lake Titicaca. As a send off, we bought him two "Machu Pichhus", and he obediently downed one for the camera in eight seconds (had only 16s of memory left on my card!). But then found out the bar was too dark for anything to be visible in the video!! Sorry Devin!! Well, we reckon he would wake up with a hangover the next day, not from the Machu Pichhus, but because he didn't get to "bounce around the bars" for the first time in Cusco!

Had to say "bye bye" to Stella (Iceland) on Tuesday night, who was also going southwards to Puno. Predictably, went to Witches Garden for dinner - for Stella's favourite dessert, "The Black Hole", before heading back to mine for more drinks, with the Dutchies and Sandra (USA). We had a very nice girlie evening, finishing off with some drinks at Norton Rats, where Sandra's energy attracted a rambling old man, telling us... Oh what the hell! Wasn't that interesting!!

Anyway, with the last couple of people leaving, it's not really "goodbye", but more of a "see you later"! as should be meeting them somewhere further south! Wicked!

Thursday night was the much hyped event at "Fallen Angel" for its "sexy party". They did a wonderful job with their publicity, but only found out a couple of nights previously that an invitation was required. Being me, of course, went there on the day to get one, but was told to come back at 6pm. Came the hour, and found many people also waiting, including Maaike, her sister and a friend. The manager Andres said that there were no more invitations available, but we could try going back later in the evening, where the crowd would elect who's sexy enough to go in. Well, with my best trousers being a pair of combats, and going out always in my hiking boots, I didn't see much chance for myself...

I explained to Andres that I had been busy doing a painting project, for his community! and not had time to go and pick up an invitation. With a lower voice, sadly told him that all my friends had a ticket already, and I didn't want to be the only one without... He motioned for me to wait inside, so he could put me on the waiting list... clearly he didn't see much prospects of me passing the "sexy test" either!! He ended up giving me four invitations, enough for Maaike and her party... nicely packaged condoms with "Fallen Angel - safely sexy" printed on them.

Had dinner with the Dutchies and then passed the evening drinking wine, eating cookie dough ice-cream, and playing Shithead and Yanif. Jani was very distracted from watching her TV, as she kept thinking we were calling her! The party itself was somewhat of a let down... the decoration was great and well thought off... except that the main dancing bit was in an outdoor outyard! It was pretty cold! Also, the music was repetitive electronic beats and we got bored... Perfect solution was heading to "Coco Loco" for a bite of food! So that was it!

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