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Pleasantly running into Yasmin and Flor again!

At the Cafe Cuba...

...drinking lovely free sweet caipirinha!

...led by resident-boucing-around-bars Devin...

Jakob who demonstrates German impunctuality

Mathias and Jakob

Friday was the joint birthday of my colleages Flor (28) and Nestor (40). Was told that they would be having a drink (Bailey's replica) at Inti Huahuacuna at the end of the evening. What I didn't realise was that the "end of the evening" was pushed earlier, and as usual I got there late, having started something new to paint. Reminded me of how we always went out late to be pub when working at GMA (London), despite saying everyone would finish early! Typical architect trait???

Anyway, after a round of drinks and birthday cakes, we met up later again in the Plaza for more drinks at Okuku's. Managed to get some free pisco sours for the birthday people, and with typical Yat bad timing, requested the DJ to announce a "happy birthday" to Flor and Nestor, and that the two should dance together. Had slightly overlooked the fact that they needed more drinks! Did get Flor on the floor, but poor girl was stranded by herself as Nestor refused to budge. Doly had the dancing feet, and made me dance with her... Hmm, she obviously didn't know I don't do dancing!! Richard got fed up with the music, complaining that it was too oldies, and was itching to go to Mama Africas. But we stayed there until about 11:30pm nonetheless, before heading off to a student bar.

It was tucked away in a courtyard, very secret. I was hoping to run into my (travellers) friends, and I knew they would never find me there! But it was a really nice bar, very studenty and the drinks were cheap. Some of Nestor's friends arrived later and between seven of us, we polished off two bottles of rum, and numerous cokes. Richard was getting concerned that Fernando was getting very drunk, but the drinks just kept on coming! After a while, I even forgot about trying to run into my friends and that the bar was cold!

At 2:30am, we finally made it to Mama Africa, where it was still pretty lively. The only person I ran into was Devin (the others had just left shortly beforehand), and then surprisingly saw Flor and Yasmin in Mama America. They were supposed to have left Cusco a week ago! But Flor was nursing her illness in Mam America everynight, she explained it was much warmer there than her hotel room! True enough! So we managed to have lunch once more time, and one last round of Shithead... Until Buenos Aires, my dear friends!

Saturday's more of a quiet one... Went all around town trying to find a replacement cable for my camera, without much success. Even less appealing considering how tired I was! Just when was about to go home for a nap, bumped into Inti and ended up walking with him to "Mega Mecado" to stock up on my depleted supplies of instant noodles! And also for the first time in three weeks, Jani managed to catch me at home just two minutes I had gotten back! We then all went to Mama America for a film, but it was difficult finding a film which we hadn't seen! Finally we settled on The Incredibles, though the Dutchies had seen it two, four times before... It was quite a cute animation, and I wanted to finish the movie off despite meeting up with Jakob (Leipzig, Germany met in Ecuador - who was amazingly only five minutes late). We went for a group dinner (also with Jakob's friend Mathias) at Gringo Alley - who didn't produce the best meal ever, before going bar hopping with Devin who knew all the best places to go at all times of the night (where to get free drinks)!

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