Celia & Jim's Key Largo to Long Island, Bahamas April-May 2013 travel blog

10 lbs +

5 lbs

We said good-bye to some new friends in Salt Pond today. I'm sure we will see a few of them again someday. Charlie and Joyce, Neil's old buddies from Hawaii, come to Palm Beach occasionally. Chris and Deann, the avid scuba cave divers, visited the Keys a while back and were sticker shocked by the hotel rates. I extended an invite to our house and I'm sure we will be seeing them in the near future.

We've turned Whatever Will Be north toward home after 11 days and 380 miles. We anticipate the return trip to be the same distance but more days to relax and dive. We are anchored at the northern tip of Long Island tonight.

Check out our dinner, the before and after shots!

Jim's organic lobster (at least 10 lbs), organic Annie's Mac-n-cheese, organic green beans, homemade Bahama garlic bread and Joyce's organic fresh tomatoes! Camping out on the hook ain't all bad!

Today was our first day diving. My first pole spear shot was comical. I dove down to 30 feet, spotted a nice Nassau grouper in a coral head, positioned myself within 5 feet of him, pulled back on the surgical tube, aimed for a head shot, looked him square in the eyes, released the spear. All in anticipation of a perfect shot, the spear flies approximately 6 INCHES and drops to the ocean floor. He didn't even flinch! I'm sure he was doing a fish dance and laughing. We played hide-n-seek for the next hour. Grouper won!

Sorry no underwater shots. We are missing a very vital piece to the Go-Pro waterproof case. I would bet its on the dining room table in Key Largo (Jim packed it). We do have another bulky camera, which I will use after I get tired of spearing since I can't carry both effectively.

Hope I wasn't to winded but I seemed to have a lot of extra time this evening. Jim did the dishes and I do not have the internet to occupy my time and I couldn't bring myself to going to bed at 7:30. I will not be able to post to my trip journal until tomorrow when we arrive at Emerald Bay, Exumas. Hopefully, the connection will be fast enough to handle the download of some pics.

Hope everyone is well!



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